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Om mig
I am an Italian film maker, artist and animator with a deep love for new aesthetics, and beautifully told stories. I am passionate about art, and curious to everything that is behind things, and that gives them a certain sense, meaning or a form. I have a BA in Fine Art from “Academy of Brera” in Milan (Italy), and a BA in Animation from “Experimental Center of Cinematography” in Turin (Italy). In the past 3 years I have been living in Denmark, working on my own film “Egg”, currently touring and winning festivals around the world. At the same time I work as a freelance artist, designer and I proudly serve as a teacher for children and teenagers who want to explore animation and art practice.

I speak Italian, fluent English and German, a bit of French, and a ridiculous Danish.  

Indhold & arbejdsmetode

The purpose of the workshop is to produce limited edition prints using etching techniques. At the same time experience chemical reaction between metal and acid. My work is fun, and the outcome looks fun, but the work behind it is extremely serious and complicated. Printmaking is an art form that allows you to transfer a sign from a material to another, multiple times, in multiple equal copies. Students will learn, that for a good result they will need lot of planning, ahead thinking and imagination. I will be there to support and give them all the tools needed, guiding them on the process of taking decision for their works. Prints are unexpected. You will not know the result until it exists. It is a practice that is full of surprises and hard to control. They will learn how to deal with acids and metal, adjust their design, plan their work and time.

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Scarpelli [dot] martina [at] gmail [dot] com
53 88 06 88

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